Our Mission

Kepler Networks is a complete turn-key network engineering firm incorporated in 2006. We design, configure, install and sustain application-specific data communication networks for IP-enabled Security, Life Safety, and Video Surveillance systems.  We specialize in multiple building, campus wide environments as well as remote location connectivity.  Our expertise encompasses IP-connectivity over copper, fiber and wireless communication mediums.

Our services include complete field assessments and evaluations of existing network communication infrastructures currently utilized by an institution’s legacy security and life safety technologies.  Following our detailed evaluation process, Kepler Networks will make a recommendation on the best course of action consistent with the wants and needs of the client to ensure reliable and cost effective connectivity.  All recommendations take into account bandwidth requirements, redundancy and future expansion.

Customers include security and life safety dealer/integrators; the more complicated the network infrastructure the more value we bring to the integration team.  Our clients include some of the largest integration firms in the country – Stanley Security, Siemens Industry, Allied Universal Security Systems, Johnson Controls – including Tyco IS and SimplexGrinnell – and Building Electronic Controls (“BEC”) to name a few.  Our customers also include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, government contractors, educational institutions and private corporations.

Currently, as a subcontractor to security dealer/integrators, we are responsible for numerous IP video surveillance networks supporting 150 to 5,000 cameras on various Video Management Software platforms.   As a company we are agnostic or vendor-neutral regarding the systems, software, or hardware which connects to our network infrastructures.

In our methodology, it is extremely important for us to learn about, understand, and integrate security and life safety systems which rely on networks for packet transport.  This knowledge is paramount when designing a network infrastructure because the connection methods, protocols and bandwidth requirements are the most important factors in the engineering process.

The importance of this knowledge is compounded with the integration and installation of IP video surveillance systems.  In almost every case, the camera system is responsible for the overwhelming majority of bandwidth concern, and as we have all seen, once the video has been IP-enabled our clients invariably want to view it from workstations on their corporate network.

As the network integration and sustainment firm for our client’s security and life safety networks, we often find ourselves in an advisory role regarding both system design and vendor selection.  Consequently, we feel it prudent to understand the “best of breed” offerings in this market space so we can properly assist our clients chose a system which best meets their needs.

Our mission is simple: to design, install and maintain reliable and cost effective networks that ensure the highest level of performance from our client’s emergency response equipment.  At Kepler Networks, we bring advanced network solutions to IP-enabled Security and Life Safety systems nationwide.